Miss Panda (Nana Seino) is a mysterious woman with extraordinary physical ability. She has a male keeper (Ryusei Yokohama) who manages her. Miss Panda and her keeper receive a request from Mr. No Compliance. Miss Panda and her keeper attempt to reveal a hidden truth, which the police and media will not deal with.


Panda Judges the World-Nana Seino.jpg Panda Judges the World-Ryusei Yokohama.jpg Panda Judges the World-Jun Kaname.jpg Panda Judges the World-Sei Shiraishi.jpg Panda Judges the World-Shigenori Yamazaki.jpg
Nana Seino Ryusei Yokohama Jun Kaname Sei Shiraishi Shigenori Yamazaki
Ren Kawada / Miss Panda Naoki Morishima / Miss Panda’s keeper Kazuki Kumashiro Azusa Sajima Akihiro Kadota
Panda Judges the World-Oniyakko Tsubaki.jpg Panda Judges the World-Mizuki Yoshida.jpg Panda Judges the World-Ryota Bando.jpg Panda Judges the World-Takashi Nagayama.jpg Panda Judges the World-Shingo Mizusawa.jpg
Oniyakko Tsubaki Mizuki Yoshida Ryota Bando Takashi Nagayama Shingo Mizusawa
Yoshie Kaga Kaede Higashiyama Kento Ito Santa Tanaka Kanpei Kikuchi
Panda Judges the World-Yuya Matsuura.jpg Panda Judges the World-Teppei Steel.jpg Panda Judges the World-Koshiro Asami.jpg Panda Judges the World-Keisuke Nakata.jpg Panda Judges the World-Kilala Inori.jpg
Yuya Matsuura Teppei Steel Koshiro Asami Keisuke Nakata Kilala Inori
Kiyoshi Nakajima Takao Kobayashi Shigeru Namiki Takeshi Kozono Yukino Maegawa
Panda Judges the World-Takeshi Masu.jpg Panda Judges the World-Tenkyu Fukuda.jpg Panda Judges the World-Sayaka Yamaguchi.jpg Panda Judges the World-Jiro Sato.jpg Panda Judges the World-Kei Tanaka.jpg
Takeshi Masu Tenkyu Fukuda Sayaka Yamaguchi Jiro Sato Kei Tanaka
Haruo Kaga Kenichi Iida Maiko Kawada Mr. No Compliance / Genzo Sajima Tetsuya Morijima


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Episode 06 | Episode 07 | Episode 08 | Episode 09 | Episode 10 END



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