Yoko Miyama (Yuki Amami) works as a doctor at Touto Hospital. She specializes in brain aneurysms in the neurosurgery department. She is a good doctor, aware of her responsibilities and importance of her work. She places the patients’ life at the top of her priorities. Yoko Miyama becomes involved with her colleagues, including Kengo Kuroiwa, Sachiko Kozukue, and Takuma Nishigoori. Meanwhile, she suffers from guilt for abandoning her family.


Top Knife-Yuki Amami.jpg Top Knife-Kippei Shiina.jpg Top Knife-Alice Hirose.jpg Top Knife-Kento Nagayama.jpg Top Knife-Yuta Furukawa.jpg
Yuki Amami Kippei Shiina Alice Hirose Kento Nagayama Yuta Furukawa
Yoko Miyama Kengo Kuroiwa Sachiko Kozukue Takuma Nishigori Tatsuya Kijima
Top Knife-Seiji Fukushi.jpg Top Knife-Misato Morita.jpg Top Knife-Izumi Fujimoto.jpg Top Knife-Mayu Miyamoto.jpg Top Knife-Tomokazu Miura.jpg
Seiji Fukushi Misato Morita Izumi Fujimoto Mayu Miyamoto Tomokazu Miura
Go Inukai Marin Ozawa Aiko Fushimi Shizuka Tamai Takao Imadegawa


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