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Genba Shido (Toshiaki Karasawa) is the director of Team A in the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). He is excellent at his job. He is a reasonable person, but he often has to make drastic decisions to save lives. He is separated from his wife because of marital problems. They have a daughter.

Meanwhile, Urara Asakura (Yukie Nakama) is the leader of the Minsei Party. She has strong support from the people. She is married and has a son and daughter. Urara Asakura is expected by many to become Japan’s first female prime minster. On the day of the election for the Prime Minister office, an assassination plot on Urara Asakura’s life is revealed. Genba Shido must stop the assassination attempt, but his daughter is also kidnapped at the same time.


  1. “24 Japan” takes over TV Asahi‘s Friday 23:15 time slot previously occupied by “Midsummer’s Boy: 19452020.”
  2. Drama series is a remake of U.S. television series “24” (season 1) starring Kiefer Sutherland.
  3. Teaser posters TV Asahi drama “24 Japan.”


24 Japan-Toshiaki Karasawa1.jpg 24 Japan-Tae Kimura.jpg 24 Japan-Hiyori Sakurada.jpg 24 Japan-Yukie Nakama.jpg 24 Japan-Michitaka Tsutsui.jpg
Toshiaki Karasawa Tae Kimura Hiyori Sakurada Yukie Nakama Michitaka Tsutsui
Genba Shido Rikka Shido Miyu Shido Urara Asakura Yohei Asakura
24 Japan-Yuki Imai.jpg 24 Japan-Maria Mori.jpg 24 Japan-Kumi Mizuno.jpg 24 Japan-Chiaki Kuriyama.jpg 24 Japan-Hiroyuki Ikeuchi.jpg
Yuki Imai Maria Mori Kumi Mizuno Chiaki Kuriyama Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
Yuta Asakura Hina Asakura Shigeko Isomura Itsuki Mizuishi Takumi Nanjo
24 Japan-Aki Asakura.jpg 24 Japan-Hiroaki Murakami.jpg 24 Japan-Shiro Sano.jpg 24 Japan-Shuhei Uesugi1.jpg 24 Japan-Atsuhiro Inukai1.jpg
Aki Asakura Hiroaki Murakami Shiro Sano Shuhei Uesugi Atsuhiro Inukai
Sumire Akechi Heisuke Satonaka Genji Onitsuka Kenya Hasebe Go Samejima
24 Japan-Miki Yanagi1.jpg 24 Japan-Yu Kamio1.jpg 24 Japan-Kazuya Takahashi1.jpg 24 Japan-Nana Katase1.jpg 24 Japan-Yasuyuki Maekawa1.jpg
Miki Yanagi Yu Kamio Kazuya Takahashi Nana Katase Yasuyuki Maekawa
Suzu Hakozaki Yogo Hakozaki Tamizo Kanbayashi Nanami Hikawa Tsunehiko Minagawa
24 Japan-Denden1.jpg 24 Japan-Atsuko Sakurai.jpg 24 Japan-Haruka Uchimura.jpg 24 Japan-Yoshihisa Amano.jpg
Denden Atsuko Sakurai Haruka Uchimura Yoshihisa Amano
Joshu Madoka Yamashiro Noboru Akiyama Tadashi Kindaichi

Additional Cast Members:

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