Kikazaranai Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte – Episode 01-04

Mashiba Karumi is a young woman who loves dressing up. She works as a PR for the interior maker “el Arco Iris” and has nearly 100,000 followers on her social media, which she uses to promote her company. She hopes to work hard and become the “longing existence” to Hayama Shogo, the president of her company who she secretly likes. However, Kurumi suddenly got forced out of her apartment after forgetting to renew her contract. She ended up moving into a shared apartment in Omotesando with four other people. Kurumi begins to learn to live with different people and she starts to spend more time with Fujino Shun, one of the occupants who is a chef and lives a simple life unlike her.

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Episode 01 | Episode 02 | Episode 03 | Episode 04

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