Yosuke Shintani (Junpei Mizobata) left his hometown right after his high school graduation. He wanted to leave behind memories of his older brother who died in an accident and a teacher who was bad to the students.

Now, Yosuke Shintani is back in his hometown due to a personnel transfer at his work. He decides to attend a school reunion and meets 3 friends from his high school days. Yosuke and the 3 friends kidnap their ex-teacher who punished the students with physical force. They beat him up and leave him there. Yosuke Shintani and his 3 friends thought it was a joke, but the teacher is found dead the next day.


Masked Reunion-Junpei Mizobata.jpg Masked Reunion-Miori Takimoto.jpg Masked Reunion-Gaku Sano.jpg Masked Reunion-Ryo Kimura.jpg Masked Reunion-Tomoki Hirose.jpg
Junpei Mizobata Miori Takimoto Gaku Sano Ryo Kimura Tomoki Hirose
Yosuke Shintani Misato Takenaka Kiichi Minagawa Kazuyasu Omi Yamato Kataoka
Masked Reunion-Shiori Yoshida.jpg Masked Reunion-Kiyo Matsumoto.jpg Masked Reunion-Asuka Hanamura.jpg Masked Reunion-Koharu Kusumi.jpg Masked Reunion-Kanro Morita.jpg
Shiori Yoshida Kiyo Matsumoto Asuka Hanamura Koharu Kusumi Kanro Morita
Mari Hibino Narumi Eto Ayaka Satouchi Nao Imai Kenichi Sobue
Masked Reunion-Kika Kobayashi.jpg Masked Reunion-Akiko Hinagata.jpg Masked Reunion-Masaru Nagai.jpg Masked Reunion-Hiroyuki Watanabe.jpg Masked Reunion-Toshiya Toyama.jpg
Kika Kobayashi Akiko Hinagata Masaru Nagai Hiroyuki Watanabe Toshiya Toyama
Masayuki Shintani Kanako Uehara stalker Sadashige Kashimura Shoichi Inoue

Additional Cast Members:


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