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Plot Synopsis

Set on mysterious Kaiden Island where abandoned people arrive. Nanakusa (Ryusei Yokohama) and Yuu Manabe (Marie Iitoyo) were childhood friends. Now, they are high school students and they meet again on Kaidan Island. They get involved in various cases.


  1. Based on novel “Inakunare Gunjo” by Yutaka Kono (published September 1, 2014 by Shinchosha).
  2. Movie’s theme song is “Bokura no Deatta Basho” by Salyu.


Inakunare Gunjo-Ryusei Yokohama.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Marie Iitoyo.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Honoka Yahagi.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Koudai Matsuoka.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Kiyo Matsumoto.jpg
Ryusei Yokohama Marie Iitoyo Honoka Yahagi Koudai Matsuoka Kiyo Matsumoto
Nanakusa Yuu Manabe Hori Sasaoka Mizutani
Inakunare Gunjo-Riho Nakamura.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Mario Kuroba.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Yumi Ito.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Moemi Katayama.jpg Inakunare Gunjo-Yuki Kimisawa.jpg
Riho Nakamura Mario Kuroba Lee Ayumi Moemi Katayama Yuki Kimisawa
Toyokawa Nado Teacher Tokume Tokito Nonaka
Inakunare Gunjo-Kenshiro Iwai.jpg
Kenshiro Iwai


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