CHEAT (COMPLETE) English Subtitle

Saki Hoshino (Tsubasa Honda) is 25-years-old and a member of the Cheat team. The Cheat team are a group of swindlers who target other swindlers that stole from people. The Cheat team was created by Detective Kazuki Anzai (Shunsuke Kazama) and consists of Police Officer Yuto Kamo (Daichi Kaneko), ex-private detective Shun Negishi (Shuhei Uesugi), genius hacker Mizuki Maruyama (Haruka Fukuhara) and Saki Hoshino.

Meanwhile, Saki Hoshino has a secret. She is also a member of an unpopular idol group. The idol group consists of herself, Mai (Miu Tomita) and Yuna (Mayuu Yokota). The manager of her idol group is Shinji Nakagome (Sho Kiyohara). Saki Hoshino uses the stage name of Momo Kisaragi when she performs with the group.


Cheat-2019-Tsubasa Honda-Saki Hoshino.jpg Cheat-2019-Tsubasa Honda-Momo Kisaragi.jpg Cheat-2019-Daichi Kaneko.jpg Cheat-2019-Shunsuke Kazama.jpg Cheat-2019-Ren Kiriyama.jpg
Tsubasa Honda Tsubasa Honda Daichi Kaneko Shunsuke Kazama Ren Kiriyama
Saki Hoshino Momo Kisaragi Yuto Kamo Kazuki Anzai Masaki Hasumi
Cheat-2019-Shuhei Uesugi.jpg Cheat-2019-Haruka Fukuhara.jpg Cheat-2019-Sho Kiyohara.jpg Cheat-2019-Miu Tomita.jpg Cheat-2019-Mayuu Yokota.jpg
Shuhei Uesugi Haruka Fukuhara Sho Kiyohara Miu Tomita Mayuu Yokota
Shun Negishi Mizuki Maruyama Shinji Nakagome Mai Yuna


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