Shin Tamura (Ryoma Takeuchi) and his mother have experienced difficult times due to Shin’s father. His father was a police officer, but arrested for murder. One day, Shin Tamura’s wife tells him to trust his father. This leads to Shin Tamura’s decision to visit his father in prison, but, suddenly, he is shrouded in mist and travels back in time to 1989, which was right before his father’s murder case took place. Shin Tamura sees his family with smiles on their faces. He decides to change what happened in the past.


  1. “Ship of Theseus” takes over TBS‘ Sunday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “La Grande Maison Tokyo.”
  2. Based on manga series “Teseusu no Fune” by Toshiya Higashimoto ( published from June 22, 2017 to June 27, 2019 in Japanese seinen manga magazine Morning).


Episode 01 | Episode 02 | Episode 03 | Episode 04 | Episode 05

Episode 06 | Episode 07 | Episode 08 | Episode 09 | Episode 10 END

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