Sensei wo Kesu Houteishiki (COMPLETE)


  • Drama: Equation To Erase The Teacher (literal title)
  • Romaji: Sensei wo Kesu Houteishiki
  • Japanese: 先生を消す方程式
  • Director: Takashi Komatsu
  • Writer: Osamu Suzuki
  • Network: TV Asahi
  • Episodes: 8
  • Release Date: October 31, 2020 —
  • Runtime: Saturday 23:00-23:30
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


At a prestigious high school in Tokyo, the third grade D class consists of high scoring students. Their previous homeroom teacher went crazy in a short period of time and quit their job. The students in third grade D class pushes their homeroom teachers to the edge and watches their teachers collapse mentally. The students view it as a game they enjoy playing.

Tsuneo Yoshizawa (Kei Tanaka) appears in third grade D class as their new homeroom teacher. Tsuneo Yoshizawa keeps a smile on his face, even though he is attacked verbally and physically by the students. He never loses his smile. The students’ behavior gets worse towards Tsuneo Yoshizawa and they concoct a plan to kill their teacher.


  1. “Equation To Erase The Teacher” takes over TV Asahi‘s Saturday 23:00 time slot previously occupied by “Youkai Sharehouse.”


Equation To Erase The Teacher-Kei Tanaka.jpg Yuki Yamada Equation To Erase The Teacher-Fumiya Takahashi.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Sayu Kubota.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Kokoro Morita.jpg
Kei Tanaka Yuki Yamada Fumiya Takahashi Sayu Kubota Kokoro Morita
Tsuneo Yoshizawa Asahi Yorita Toya Fujiwara Yumi Nagai Nagi Oki
Equation To Erase The Teacher-Nao Takahashi.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Ikuho Akiya.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Arina Sakakibara.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Riko Kawase.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Toru Tanaka.jpg
Nao Takahashi Ikuho Akiya Arina Sakakibara Riko Kawase Toru Tanaka
Riki Tsurugi Mei Ibuki Kana Miyashita Kyoko Hayakawa Yuzuru Tamaki
Equation To Erase The Teacher-Kazusa Okuyama.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Toru Tezuka.jpg Equation To Erase The Teacher-Marika Matsumoto.jpg
Kazusa Okuyama Toru Tezuka Marika Matsumoto
Machiko Yasuda Kiyoshi Sakura Shizuka Maeno

Additional Cast Members:

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